5 eyeshadow primer 2019 For Women’s Eye Makeup

5 eyeshadow primer 2019 For Women’s Eye Makeup

Do you use shadow and when you open your eyes you can not see it? Then you should know these 5 things about eyeshadow primer 2019
Girls, I have a problem. It turns out that after painting my eyes with eyeshadow primer 2019 when I open them, it’s as if I had never made myself up! I do not know why, but my eyelids are never painted. Fortunately, I have a friend who knows makeup and advised me what to do in case of ” hooded eyelids “, as he called them.
Do you want to know? Do you have the same problem as me? Then keep reading that these little tips will come to you like a glove.

 eyeshadow primer 2019 For Women’s – Eye Makeup 2019

1. Look forward

Most of us, who have this problem, always make the mistake of looking down or to the sides. If you want the shadow to look, what you should do is look forward to the mirror when you make up your eyes. This will allow you to clearly see each fold before putting on makeup and so that the shadow is not hidden.

2. Apply the shadow above the folds of the eyelids

In this way, you will ensure that the eyeshadow 2019 is seen despite having your eyes open

3. It uses primer

Another problem we have is that the makeup ends up staining certain areas that would not have to be dirty. What I mean is that when you paint yourself with eyeliner and shadow and you open your eyes too quickly, do not you notice that there are black spots in places where there should not be? Well, the solution is to use a primer in the eyes. You just have to apply makeup and apply it over. Not only will it fix it but it will also make it much more durable.

4. Try the makeup in a straight line

You can apply makeup in a straight line if you do not have much experience in shading. Take a handkerchief and place it in the outer corner between the nose and the eyebrow. Put the shadow from the center of the eye towards the handkerchief. This will give your eyes another perspective and the shadow will be much more visible.  For a final touch, add a little shadow to the lower eyelids and eyelashes.

5. A good option: the cat eye

Undoubtedly, the cat eye style is the best friend of a girl with hooded eyelids. You just have to make outlines with elongated outline outwards as you can see in the image. Not only will your eyes look more sensual, but your makeup will not be hidden, ever!
Fortunately, makeup always comes in our salvation. As you can see there are different tips that you can put into practice to see you always amazing, try them!