5 steps to apply the matte lipstick correctly 2018

5 steps to apply the matte lipstick correctly 2018

Do you want to know the expert tricks to apply a matte lipstick and make it last? Because we all know from experience that it is not always easy to smile with lips painted in matte without the color drying out, running or, even worse, leaving small and unsightly little balls at the corner of the mouth. It does not tell Elsa Durrens, Chanel makeup artist.

Although what we like is a natural finish, let’s face it: they wear their lipsticks in dark, deep, sweet and velvety tones. So if you want to be up to date, you have to follow these five simple rules:

steps to apply the matte lipstick correctly 2018 step by step

matte lipstick correctly 2018

1. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips

This is the first and most important step, but it is also the one that many always skip. 

The advantage of matte lipstick is that it does not run, and its weak point is that it tends to dry the lips ?,

explains make-up artist Elsa Durrens. To counteract this unpleasant and unsightly effect, you have to moisturize and exfoliate the lips before putting them on. But not in any way…

To exfoliate them, mix a little sugar with honey and apply it to your lips, or soak a cotton ball with hot water, and let it sit a little before gently rubbing your lips with it.

To hydrate them, Elsa Durrens discourages the use of a fatty balm, which could prevent the lipstick from being properly fixed. It is enough to drink water to hydrate them.

2. Choose a matt pigmented lipstick (no gloss)

Nowadays, you can find almost any color you are looking for in a matte version. Once you have chosen the color of the lipstick that you want, you have to pay attention to the texture you prefer, because there is only one secret to having beautiful velvet lips: a correct choice of lipstick. And what are the best ones for Elsa Durrens??

The one that combines an intense and lasting color with a texture that does not shine, but that is comfortable ?.

To find this coveted combination, you have to try several. The new lip dyes could be the perfect solution for you: when you put them on they are liquid, but they are getting a nice matte finish. However, you may be the one who prefers the bars of a lifetime (depends on the taste of each). Keep in mind that there are also bases for the lips that make any lipstick look matte.

3. Light colors are applied with the finger matte lipstick correctly 2018

If you choose a lipstick of a pale shade, an orange-red rose, for example, Elsa Durrens recommends that you apply it with your finger. Or at least you melt it. In this way, the final result will seem more natural and? Less dramatic ?.

If you opt for a pale color to go more discreet, the technique of melting it with your finger is perfect for a smooth, matt and comfortable texture. You can take a little lipstick directly with your finger and then apply it to your lips or, if you prefer, you can paint your lips with the bar and then melt it with the tips of your fingers giving it a gentle tap.

4. Outlines the contour of the lips with dark tones matte lipstick correctly 2018

If you like the darkest and most vibrant tones, the lips will be even more marked if you outline them with a lipstick.

Elsa Durrens suggests that for darker tones, a perfectly drawn mouth is preferable, so first you should trace the outline of the lips with a pencil of the same tone. Once you have already marked it, you can fill your lips with your bar. If you want, you can also use a brush to be more precise.

5. If you want to have perfect lips: challenge them!

Although matt bars are usually run less, it is no secret that many women cannot keep their lips properly made up from morning to night. Keep in mind that when retouching lips painted in matt, it is quite normal that there is a little pigment buildup in the area. Moisten your lips, use the corner of a handkerchief or a paper napkin, or even better, a lump of sugar ?, concludes Elsa Durrens.