+9 dramatic eye makeup 2019 ideas for women’s – eyeshadow 2019

+9 dramatic eye makeup 2019 ideas for women’s – eyeshadow 2019

For many, eye makeup 2019 is a matter of time and art. When it comes to being super painted and wanting to experience new styles, nothing better than to start with the eyes. Out of the conventional shadow colors, you can cheer on more.

If you’re bold with your makeup, do not miss out on these dramatic eye makeup 2019 ideas!

dramatic eye makeup 2019 ideas for women’s – eyeshadow 2019

eye makeup 2019


One of the colors that are the trend this season, is neon. It is a very striking tone, so with only the eye shadow is enough: on eyelids and under the eye.

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#Purple and black 2019

Another idea of dramatic eye makeup is the combination of black and purple. To achieve this Gothic look, combine these eyeshadow colors by completing the style with voluptuous false eyelashes and a bit of mascara with glitter.

#Pink and yellow 2019

The combination of pink and yellow is very powerful and striking; combined with a blue or green eyeliner complete this particular style. You dare?

#White eye makeup 2019


The white makeup also trends this summer, nothing better than white eyeshadow applied on the upper and lower eyelids, and complete with a black eyeliner and a mask to increase the volume of your lashes.

#Eyes of the mermaid

The eye makeup mermaid is a way of not limiting eye makeup to the eyelids. You can also apply shadow around the eyes, making them look bigger. This makeup trick can be done with many color combinations.

        #Eyes of the peacock

Nothing more majestic than the tail of a peacock, right? To make your eyes look as beautiful as the feathers of this bird, you can learn this style of eye makeup 2019. Apply green, blue, brown and gray eyeshadow and an eyeliner of any of these colors. Thick your lashes well to complete the effect.

# Fish

To give a fish eye appearance, use the eyeshadow for a narrower makeup on the end of the eyelids. You will see how good it is!

#Smoky eyes

A classic: smoky eyes are the best way to make your look as attractive as you. Use a black eyeliner, dark gray eyeshadow, applying a layer of each in a specific region of the eyes. Then apply one more layer of white on top of the eyelids.


Black everywhere: shadow, eyeliner and mascara. It will remain a very Gothic style, but at the same time super sophisticated!