If you are thinking about wearing perfectly decorated nails every day, you are probably thinking about opting for acrylic nails, so we recommend that you continue reading this article because you will find many ideas to make incredible nail designs. Here we show you the best photos of ACRYLIC NAIL PHOTOS 2019.

Besides acrylic nails also they exist gel nails and nail porcelain. Here we leave a direct link to three articles that we have dedicated to these nails.

in which you can see many different designs and know what their differences and prices are :



Acrylic nail designs 2019

As for the designs of acrylic nails 2019, we can find several models that can range from the simplest to the most modern and sophisticated, elaborated in detail. In this article, you can see nail designs simple and natural 2019 acrylic, black acrylic nails 2019, acrylic nails roses 2019, red acrylic nails, blue acrylic nails 2019, Matt 2019 acrylic nails, acrylic nails with stones 2019, acrylic nails gilded 2019, nails 2019 burgundy acrylic and acrylic nails white 2019. We will also talk about the price that acrylic nails usually have, if they are cheaper or more expensive than gel and porcelain; We will also teach you how to remove acrylic nails at home.

Simple and natural acrylic nails 2019

As for the simple and natural acrylic nails 2019, they are perfect for the most discreet girls, who like to wear designs too flashy but want their nails to look good. For this class of acrylic nails, the most commonly used colors are beige and pale pink tones, as well as French nail designs.

Black acrylic nails 2019

The black acrylic nails 2019 are a classic. The black nails are really wearable with almost all our clothes since it combines with everything and they are perfect for any occasion. On the other hand, in recent years we can see very nice and different acrylic nail designs that are based on the color black but give a different touch

Although there are many models and ideas for simple and natural acrylic nails, here we wanted to present a couple of examples that are very simple and do not call too much attention but have a touch that makes them different.

In the photograph above it is acrylic nails in double tone, in beige and rosewood with some golden details and in the photograph below we see a base between beige and dull pink, with some details in color as a French manicure.

For example, in the photo above we can see black acrylic nails but with an aspect layer with hair that makes them look like 3D nails and is really original and beautiful.

On the other hand, we have the example below where the black nails are combined with beige or chickpea and others are accompanied by some very nice details like the bow and the golden stone.

Red acrylic nails 2019

The red acrylic nails 2019 also come from a long time ago. The red nails, in general, are also a basic of the nail art that suits us perfectly for any occasion that we have either more formal or more informal. 

Here we show some of these designs so you can choose the one you like the most and the one that goes with you the most.

The red acrylic nails are very used, especially for romantic events such as Valentine’s Day.

since it picks up the classic color of this day and we can make designs based on it, like these red acrylic nails 2019 shaped like heart.