Basic and quick makeup to go to work 2018

Basic and quick makeup to go to work 2018

Basic and quick makeup, There are studies that confirm that, for women, makeup and salary have a very close relationship, as it is proven that people with a better appearance earn 20% more than those with an average appearance.

Although this is terrible news, maybe you look for something quick and simple to get yourself fixed, without spending an hour in front of the mirror in the morning.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a more natural option to go to the office and not make yourself a super elaborate makeup.

All you need is your favorite base, your concealer for dark circles, contour, translucent powder, lipstick, blush, mascara, and highlighter.

Start by applying the base with a damp sponge and with slight touches. Experts recommend not using your fingers, so you do not have uneven makeup.

Then use your concealer under the eyes, but also in the lines of expression next to the mouth, to illuminate that part.

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Make a quick contour on the cheeks, nose and eye socket, to outline the face and end up baking with translucent powder.


Now apply your blush and continue with your eyebrows, the outline of your eyes, the curling of your eyelashes, highlighter and lipstick.


Ready. You can see the step by step tutorial to achieve this makeup and get more tips to apply it.