Best Nail Designs 2019 For Easy, Pretty and Fast Girls.

Best Nail Designs 2019 For Easy, Pretty and Fast Girls. Explained Step by Step!

Best Nail Designs 2019, Women since we are girls we want to paint our nails because we like to copy our mother, aunt or grandmother who always look so cute and beautiful.

But since nail art has become so popular today.

more and more best nail designs 2019  for girls are becoming more prominent than many of them want to have their fingers personalized with different motifs.


In this article, you will be able to find nail decoration for girls who want to take their favorite cartoon character on their fingernails or those who like hearts.

funny faces, monsters, butterflies, birds, fairies, animals such as dogs, bears, cats, cow among many others.

Minnie Mouse ears are also very fashionable painted on each nail in which it gives a touch to girls very feminine and as an adult that they want to be playing.

The painted fruit forms do not lose their mischief where the fluo and intense colors offer a new entertainment to the fingers of the hand.

If you are a father or a mother who is very detail about what your daughter puts in their hands.

surely you asked yourself the question some time



Best Nail Designs 2019 For Easy, Pretty and Fast Girls. Explained Step by Step!

Best Nail Designs 2019

Is it healthy to paint your nails 2019 when they are girls?

Whenever you take the pertinent precautions on what type of nail polish you use can be used as long as it is considered to be a game during a special day with parents.

It happened to me that when my daughters asked me to paint their nails with enamel I did not see it badly but the father really did not like the idea and we began to investigate the effects that can cause health problems to a girl who gets enamel.

And the main problem is the components by which they are made so you always have to use brands of nail polish that are recognized.

The big problem why pediatricians do not advise from small use nail polish is that it can affect the growth and development of the child if she eats the nails.


This was the case of one of my daughters who ate her nails and wanted to paint to play at the beauty salon.

That is why it is necessary to understand that it must be supervised by the parents since it can be.

on the one hand, eating their nails and damaging their health, or using enamels that are less aggressive in their chemical composition.


But the reality that your daughter wants to imitate the mother by becoming the oldest and always a game is nothing wrong.

It’s like when you put on your mother’s shoes to be able to look like her, she’s playing and that’s fine.

What is wrong is painting the nails of small to go for a walk.

a birthday or go to school as it is not yet the age to understand that touch of beauty in which as mentioned above has to be painted once a year and not daily.


Remember that while it is a game you can wear from your necklaces to your shoes, wanting to put on makeup in front of a mirror and use a lipstick because you are the reference and you see that you are very flirtatious.

To paint your nails should be like a game to disguise.

you have to make them understand that they are playing and that when they go to sleep it is important to clean themselves

if that is already explained from the beginning that begins with this need to copy then Then he will have a beauty behavior.


Nail Designs 2019 for Easy Girls Step by Step

I will begin by explaining the steps that are needed to achieve some designs of children’s decorated nails that you will surely like to have an idea and then play on your little girl’s nails.


you will also find different ideas with thematic motifs of the designs that girls of different ages and different seasons look for.

so that you can have a variety as a source of inspiration when giving tenderness and love to the hands of your princess.

Always consider that the nails of girls are smaller than those of an adult woman so you will have less space to make the drawings and you must have more precision with the help of your model who puts her hand as she must stay still for about minutes so that the nail polish does not run.