Bracelets for Summer 2018-2019 Bracelets For Women’s

Bracelets for Summer 2018-2019 Bracelets For Women’s

Now that summer is in full swing, homemade Bracelets for Summer 2018-2019 season is finally here!

When we were younger (and even into adulthood, if we’re being fully honest), making knotted hemp bracelets was a summertime tradition of ours.

Bracelets For Women’s 2019

We’d knot all kinds of patterns, braids, and textures featuring all different types and colors of beads into hemp string and bright embroidery floss and tie them on at the beginning of the summer.

ending our school holidays with plenty of them on each wrist and ankle, complete with tan lines underneath each one.

We’d wear them until they became so worn that they fell off or until we chose to cut them off in preparation to put on new ones the next year.

Now that we’re grown and working professional jobs, we might not make them quite as often for ourselves.

but we still love the idea of homemade hemp bracelets and we’ve continued the tradition with our kids.

helping them collect the supplies and choose fun beads at the beginning of their summer holidays so they can weave their own creations all summer.

+10 Bracelets for Summer 2018-2019 Bracelets For Women’s

Just in case you love the idea of making different unique summer hemp bracelets with your kids but you’re either new to the concept or perhaps just a little bit out of practice.

here are  +10 amazing tutorials, design ideas, and pattern outlines to get you into the swing of things!

Bracelets for Summer 2018-2019

Twisting macrame bracelet 2018-2019


Are you the kind of nostalgic crafting parent who loves teaching your kids the very same designs and techniques that you learned when you were younger and then watching them put their own personal spin on things?

Then here’s one of the most classic hemp bracelet knitting designs around, outlined in simple steps so everyone can give it a try!

Be-adage reminds you how a twisted ladder macrame knot is done.

as well as how to add beads into the mix.

Thicker flat hemp knots

when we were younger, we often found that the knotted bracelets we created turned out much thinner than we were hoping they would, particularly when we used bright embroidery floss rather than thicker materials to make our knots.

That’s why we were so happy to come across this awesome idea for making a bracelet that has a lot more weight and thickness to it regardless of what kind of string you choose to use.

Panda Hall shows you how to wrap your colours (or hemp strings) around two thick pieces of string or jewelry cord as a base so that the thickness is already establish before you even start making your knotted pattern.

Flat and beaded bracelet with a button closure

Have you always loved the look of knotted summer hemp and embroidery floss bracelets, particularly when there are fun beads involved.

but you work a job that won’t allow you to wear them all the time while you’re on shift so you’ve never been able to knot them on tightly the way we talked about above?

Well, Rings & Things can totally understand the need for a less permanent design.

which is why they outline methods of putting a button and loop on the ends of your bracelet to create a simple clasp that will let you put it on and take it off quite easily.

Delicate braided hemp bracelet with double bead rows

Many of the classic hemp bracelet designs we’ve come across over the years are actually quite thick or chunky in their shape, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options out there for you if what you really prefer is something a little smaller and more delicate looking!

This beautiful braided and beaded design from Crafts Unleashed, for example, is the perfect example of what we mean. They show you how to do a multi-stranded braid with a small see bead along each side. We adore their dual coloured beading combination, but getting creative with your schemes will be a lot of fun!

Super fast arrow shaped bracelet


Here’s another classic design tutorial that will remind you of a great basic knotting shape, just in case you need a quick refresher course! We love how simply and clearly Nala N’ in Dunyasi outlines the specific steps for creating a downward arrow that alternates in colour, but it won’t be hard for you to adjust just how many times you change colour (if at all). We’ve also done this type of bracelet in plain, undyed hemp and the result was still gorgeous despite being more monochrome.

Boho chic inspired braided hemp bracelets


So far, we’ve talked a lot about making either hemp bracelets or bracelets knotted from embroidery floss, but have you ever wondered how things would look if you actually did both together, in one blended design? Well, that’s actually exactly what Happy Hour Projects did here and we’re happy to tell you that we tried it out and were ecstatic over how pretty the results turned out. We loved the way this simple, multi-material braiding technique let us blend a Boho chic aesthetic with a pop of colour and whatever beads and charms or trinkets we pleased.

Hemp string bracelet with pearls


While knotting patterns are most certainly one of the best parts of making hemp bracelets, did you know that there are actually lots of designs out there that are a little more bead heavy but just as lovely looking?

This pearl and string design featured on Caesar Sebastian is the perfect example of what we mean!

They show you how to knot hemp, string on pearled beads, and knot the hemp again to create many pearled stripes that will sit delicately on your wrist as though you’re wearing many accessories, when in reality it’s all a single piece, which makes it easier to put on and take off.

Beaded square knot bracelet 2019


By now, you’ve probably realized that there are just about countless thin, single strand bracelets that you can knot out of hemp and embroidery floss, but what if your personal style is a little more statement-based?

Then we’d be willing to bet that you probably prefer chunkier accessories. That might sound like an intimidating thing to make happen when it comes to hemp and embroidery floss knotting.

but we think you’ll be surprised to learn how simple it really can be! Check out how Wonder How To created this square patterned cuff complete with beautiful beading.

Peruvian wave hemp bracelet


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about bracelet designs that are based more on strand work rather than solely knots, but you’re curious to see what you could do just with string colours rather than lots of beading? Then we think we’ve found perhaps the perfect tutorial for you! Check out how Friendship Bracelets created this stunning Peruvian wave style knotting and stranding design in a range of pretty blues.

Tri-colour woven hemp bracelet