It’s time to find out what the 2019 nails will be that we will see the most and which are the most fashionable NAIL DESIGNS 2019. We review the best-decorated nails, designs, and models of nails.

Do not worry about your style, because we will show you many different examples, such as acrylic nails, gel nails, false nails, porcelain nails, pointed nails or vintage nails 2019.


If you know what style of nails goes with you but you want different ideas that surprise you for this year, do not worry because we will show you the best-colored nails 2019.

Among them, we will find the following:  pink, red, matte nails, white, animal print, black, flowers, blue, golden, wine color, purple, silver, mirror, coral color, gray, tribal, beige, green, marine and orange.

A range of ideas that, sure, leaves you with your mouth open and inspires you to make your own combinations.

If you are from the classics, we will also show you some models of French manicure nails, although we warn you that in the 2019 nails, the classic nails have also been reinvented.

False nails 2019

The false nails are an option for those girls who always want to have perfect nails.

If you have brittle nails or you just like to have a nicer and longer nail, we recommend using either method to have false nails, such as the gel nails, nail porcelain or acrylic nails.

Gel nails 2019

2019 gel nails are currently the latest trend in nails and the most used technique in false nails.

To have gel nails, we need a special gel that you can find in nail art stores online and in some hairdressers and beauty centers, as well as manicure salons.

With this gel, we place a drop on our nail and with the help of a brush, we extend it until we create the shape of the nail we want.

Next, we must fix the gel with a special manicure drying lamp.


Gel nails also come in two aspects of elegance and the most elaborate technique.

The most discreet slope comes in pastel colors and light tones, but always with some brightness.

From glitter to gems and other bright details, to nails covered entirely by pearls and other accessories used by nail art.

One of the trends that we will see most in the nail art of gel nails 2019 is those bicolor.

We can observe them in all shades although, following the dynamics of the metallic, we can see many colors combined with silver, gold, etc.

As in the rest of false nails, in these, we will also see many models of 2019 nails with geometric shapes and details that accentuate these shapes as metallic stick lines.

The good thing is that we can decorate our gel nails with the designs that we like the most, whether we apply a color like black or white.

The nail design you see above, in black and with white polka dots is ideal for the Summer of 2019 and for you to wear it on those special nights.

The metallic tones are also trending for 2019 gel nails so that bets on a manicure as you see above. Perfect for parties, but also for the day.

Porcelain nails 2019

2019 porcelain nails are similar to acrylic nails 2019 because they are made in the same way, but replacing the acrylic with glass fiber. Of the false nails 2019.

these are the most expensive and the most delicate, since every fifteen days you will have to do them again or fill them.

For this reason, these are the artificial nails that we recommend you the least, but also, you can investigate if this style of nail is that the best one goes with you.


2019 porcelain nails, being the most expensive and the most delicate, but also the ones with the best final appearance, are the most used to make manicures for special occasions.

For example, for weddings, communions, baptisms, parties …


It is for this reason that their designs are usually also more elaborate and stand out more than the rest of false nails. Here we can see impossible lengths and impressive scenery.