eye makeup 2019 pic for Women’s – Ten different forms of eye makeup

eye makeup 2019 pic for Women’s – Ten different forms of eye makeup

We propose you ten eye makeup 2019 pic looks for different tastes and occasions. With color, glamorous, subtle, vibrant, mysterious, … You will only need your eyes basics: brushes, shadows, eyeliner, mascara, highlighter and eyeliner.

eye makeup 2019 for Women’s – 10 different forms of eye makeup

eye makeup 2019 pic

Only with «eyeliner eye makeup 2019 pic»

With just a well applied stroke of “eyeliner” your eyes will look impeccable and very favored without the need for shadows. Of course, we advise you to cover the eyelid beforehand with aconcealer and seal it with translucent powder to unify the tone and avoid shine. You can also use an eye primer to obtain a perfect finish.

We also advise that, unless you have black and long lashes, apply mascara on the lower and upper lashes to complement the outline.

You can complement it with … a good red lip (or any intense tone that can star in your makeup).



Complete eye delineation 2019

It is a way to intensify your eyes even more with just one product: the eyeliner. Draw the line of upper and lower lashes and join them both in the lacrimal and the external “V” , giving it the importance you want. If you wish, you can blur the outline with a special brush or with a cotton swab to give it a more glamorous touch.

You can complement it with … a “nude” tone of lips and a touch of illumination on the cheeks, which give you a natural look.

Unique shade of intense color 2019

Bet all your look to a single shade of vibrant color that leaves everyone with their mouths open.Combine it with your clothes, with your eyes or even with your hair color. Apply it with some prebase to pigment more and blur the edges well so that it is well integrated into the upper eyelid. Play also with a little shade of natural color for the cut as a transition.

You can complement it with … a black outline and some lashes loaded or even false.

Natural with a touch of illuminator 2019


If you choose a look fresh and natural as you can get it by applying a base eye shadow in a neutral color and a touch of highlighter on the tear.

You can complement it with … a good work of contour and blusher to enhance the volumes of your face.


Outline of color 2019


Replace the eyeliner with a color pencil you can get, either with a pencil or eyeliner of color, either with an eye shadow in pencil or with a cream eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush. The effect will be subtle, but striking and you can combine it with any eye shadow of the same range or one that combines.

You can complement it with … well-marked eyebrows and a discreet lipstick that does not steal prominence to the fantasy of your eyes.

Shadows «shimmer»

The sombreas with glitter will give you a look over worked and glamorous. Choose shades that feel good to your eye color and play it all on the “shimmer” chart. Make a degraded look or, if you prefer, use a single intense tone as the protagonist. The brown, burgundy, gray and raware the most accessible for everyone in his brilliant version tones.

You can complement it with … vibrant lips that combine with the chosen shade, without fear of taking prominence.

«Smokey eyes»

The smoky eyes look will serve you both day and night, depending on the tones you choose to make it. The most important thing is to blend the colors well so that the lines merge creating an elegant and flattering gradient. You choose the intensity you want to give it : in black covering the whole eyelid and highlighting the line of lower lashes or in brown and pink tones, for example, for a more natural finish.

You can also choose to cover the entire eyelid or play with a lighter shade in the lacrimal area to conclude with the darker one in the external “V” of the eye.

You can complement it with … a nude lips tone that highlights the intensity of your eyes, adding volume to your mouth.