Professional make-up 2018-2019 tricks you should know

Professional make-up 2018-2019 tricks you should know

 make-up 2018-2019, Maybe the blusher is one of the makeup products that we find most difficult to apply in a favorable way. 

There are those who spread it all over the cheekbone, who recharge the cheek too much and even those who extend it to the temples by default. 

One trick of make-up 2018-2019  we have learned from professionals is to highlight the cheeks to apply it accurately. How? Very simple: Smile keeping the lips sealed so that the apples of the cheeks are marked and the color applied.

+5 Professional make-up 2018-2019 tricks you should know

make-up 2018-2019

Lips with volume 2019


This is a trick that makeup artists often use to simulate fleshy lips, as with “3D effect”. It consists of combining two shades of the same lip: the lighter, in the central heart of the lips (especially in the lower) to simulate a slight gradient.

 If you do not have those two tones, a good option is to make up the whole mouth with the colored lipstick and add some touches of a light pink tone in the center, so that the base tone is lightened. 

You can also use a fluid corrector to achieve that effect.

Perfect Lips 2018-2019


The first step to perfect lips when you put on a professional makeup begins long before applying the foundation. It consists of exfoliating the lips to eliminate dead skin and reactivating the circulation.

This will leave you with rosy, juicy and much more flattering lips. Next, apply lip balm to moisturize while you perform your makeup routine. When the time comes to make up your lips, they will be perfect to wear any lipstick or even leave them with a transparent “gloss”. You already know that you can exfoliate your lips with a bit of sugar or salt mixed with olive oil, for example.