Summer Makeup 2018-2019 How to make up in summer and look

Summer Makeup 2018-2019 How to make up in summer and look

It seems a joke but it is not, Perricone MD’s No MakeUp Collection line offers all the necessary products to Summer Makeup 2018-2019 with formulas that also protect and care for the skin

Many women want to put on Summer Makeup 2018-2019, the tan brings us that “good face” look that allows us to change to a more fluid makeup foundation or even do without it. We have found a line of makeup, which in its own name tells us that it is “no makeup”. It seems like a joke, but it is not. Many celebrities already trust this line of Perricone MD  and we tell you why.

Summer Makeup 2018-2019

No MakeUp Collection is to blame for the natural face of Gwyneth Paltrow with No Makeup Foundation, the sublime tan of Jennifer Lopez with No Bronzer Bronzer and the juicy and perfect lips of Gal Gadot in the movie «Wonder Woman» with No Lipstick Lipstick.

In summer we take the sun, but we begin to care and avoid more and more the skin of our face as recommended by Dr. Perricone.

He advises sunbathing by not using sunscreen on certain occasions: “Exposing ourselves to the sun daily for 10-15 minutes without sun protection be healthy for our skin, since it favors the generation of vitamin D.

We must always take the sun continuously and for a short time ».

If we are going to be exposed for longer, it is important to use broad-spectrum sunscreen on both the face and body, but above all, to avoid the direct impact of the rays on the face.

“It is advisable to sunbathe using the broad-spectrum sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. In this way, we will avoid direct exposure to the face.

which in the long term will save us from sunspots, wrinkles and more marked lines of expression, “explains Raquel González, Training Manager at Perricone MD.

That means that our face is usually less tan than the rest of our body, how to get even tone? The cosmeceutical brand Perricone MD has designed a summer fetish product, the No Bronzer Bronzer.

self-tanner with the SPF30 special for the face that intensifies the natural tanning by matching the tone with the rest of the body and improving the skin in the long term, in addition to treating sun damage.

In addition, it is formulated with Vitamin C Ester to illuminate the skin, eliminate imperfections and its self-adjustable tone mimics the natural melanocytes, the cells responsible for pigmentation of the skin, providing a universally embellished glow.


But it also has another type of very interesting and perfect products for your summer makeup 2018-2019, when more than ever you want to look like that of not wearing make-up.

We discovered them together with one of their experts in a session at the  Cosmeceutical Center in Seville.

There they told us the secrets and the best way to use each of these products for the summer months (and the rest of the year).

+5 Summer Makeup 2018-2019 How to make up in summer and look


Lip 2019

The Perricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick has a formula that mimics the pink and vermilion color of youthful lips.

softens the appearance of vertical lines and restores its flexibility and fullness while protecting them with a broad spectrum FPS15 sunscreen.

Its unique texture allows complete and layered coverage by hydrating and nourishing the lips.

Makeup base 2019

If you do not want to give up your make-up base even in summer, you can try the results of Perricone’s No MakeUp Foundation and its five tones.

It is a light and natural makeup that melts effortlessly with the skin to create a bright and fresh glow.

Developed with alpha lipoic acid, it visibly minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, improving the skin instantly and day after day.

Rouge 2018-2019

The blush of No MakeUp is the liquid blush that achieves a youthful and healthy color. Define the cheekbones and protect from the sun with a wide-spectrum, mineral-based FPS30 sunscreen.

It is a unique serum with a self-adjusting tone that mimics the natural color of young skin.

Eyelash Mask 2018-201Makeup

No MakeUp Mask is a two-in-one eyelash treatment and a clinically proven mask to create the appearance of thicker and fuller lashes.

The revolutionary double-sided brush, from root to tip and the fine tooth comb ensure precise application.

while the formula with Neuropeptides, biotin and avocado oil nourishes, conditions and strengthens the lashes with each application.




No MakeUp Concealer is a versatile and versatile concealer that instantly conceals imperfections, dark circles and discoloration. It has a creamy texture with a lasting effect enriched with neuropeptides, blends perfectly with its natural complexion, giving it luminosity.


No Makeup Highlighter is a liquid illuminator that provides a veil of subtle light to the skin .

It contains vitamin C, and you can apply it on the top of the cheekbone, on the tip of the nose and on the Cupid’s bow to give dimension to the face and luminosity.

You can do it with the help of a brush or simply with your fingers.


“The No Bronzer Bronzer formula blends perfectly into the skin, and the SPF gives it a sexy, reflective glow.

It also gives the skin a general warmth. It will not look like you’re working on your tan and more like you’ve just returned from a trip to Tahiti.


All you need is two drops of this bronzer for the entire face. Anything else will be excessive.

Apply one or two drops on the back of the hand and then apply it to the face with your fingertip.

“said Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist in the article on the top 5 bronzers in the American magazine Allure.